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Pockels Cell Drivers - FDS Series Pulse Generators

FDS series comprises a family of benchtop pulse generators designed for convenient laboratory use. These shutter drivers are based on solid-state FID technology.

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The main specialty of the FDS series is a short rise time which can vary from 100 ps to 2-5 ns. Wider rise times are also avalable.

To take advantage of a rise time of less than 1 ns it is necessary to use the Pockels cells of radial construction. Such Pockels cells can be obtained, for example, from Leysop Ltd.

FDS Pockels cell driver

FDS driver is connected to the Pockels cell by cables with the impedance of 50-100 Ohm. After the Pockels cell it is necessary to attach a special load/termination which absorbs the high voltage pulses.

Connection to Pockels cell

It is important to remember although the minimum rise time of the FDS series drivers is 100 ps, the rise time at a 3-6 pf cell connected by 50 Ohm cables in this case will be limited by 300-700 ps. In such situation it is better to choose a driver with rise time of 500-700 ps to reduce oscillations at the cell. If it is important to get the rise time at the cell of about 100 ps then it is necessary either to reduce the capacitance of the cell to 1-2 pf or to use the driver with the impedance of less than 50 Ohm.

Here are some examples of typical models

General specifications

Maximum output voltage can be chosen between 1 and 10 kV. Amplitude of the high voltage pulses is adjustable between 50%-100%.

The connectors of N- or HN-type are usually used at drivers, cables, Pockels cells and loads.

Pulse duration of the voltage pulses can be selected in the range from 0,2 ns to tens of microseconds.

Maximum PRF of the FDS drivers can be 10 kHz and higher, but it is necessary to take into an account the average power delivered to the load. For example, at the output voltage of 7 kV and the pulse duration of 2 ns the average power into a 50 Ohm load is 20 W at 10 kHz. The terminating loads with such average power capable of absorbing high voltage and high bandwidth pulses without any reflections are relatively expensive.

The triggering is both internal and external. External triggering pulses should have the amplitude of 5-10 V, the duration of 100 ns and the rise time of 10-20 ns. The delay of the high voltage pulse relative to the triggering pulse is about 200 ns. Jitter of this value is not higher than 20-30 ps.

FDS drivers have a built in universal AC power supply capable of operation using 100-240V, 50-60 Hz.

Standard dimensions of the FDS drivers are 300x200x120 mm.

The generators of the FDS series can be customized to meet any special requirements.


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