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FID GmbH is developing and offers its customers a broad range of products in a field of pulsed power applications on basis of proprietary all-solid-state FID and DRD switches. All pulsers feature high stability of specifications and virtually unlimited life time.

FPG Series - Benchtop / Rackmount Pulse Generators

FPG Multichannel FPG Compact FPG Industrial
Overview - FPG Series Pulsers
Nanosecond rise time pulse generators - FPG-N Series
Picosecond rise time pulse generators - FPG-P Series
Ultra-short rise time pulsers - FPG-SP Series
High PRF pulse pulsers - FPG-HF Series
Multichannel pulsers - FPG-X Series

FPM Series - Compact modular nano- and picosecond pulsers

Pulse power modules with nano- and picosecond rise time - FPM Series

High Voltage Power Supplies

AC-DC power converters
DC-DC power converters

Accessories for operation of high voltage equipment

Triggering pulse generators
High voltage cables and connectors
Dummy loads
UWB antennas
Field sensors
High voltage dividers / attenuators

Custom Built Systems

Nanosecond and Picosecond Benchtop Pulse Generators Nanosecond and Picosecond Pulse Power Modules DC Power Supplies
AC-DC power supplies
DC-DC power supplies
Triggering pulsers
High voltage cables and connectors
Dummy loads
UWB antennas
Electrical field sensors
High voltage attenuators

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