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Products - FPG series - FPG-P Picosecond Pulsers

FPG CompactFID GmbH has developed a series of pulse generators with picosecond rise time. FPG-P series pulse generators are designed for convenient laboratory or industrial use. These pulsers can be manufactured both in desktop or rack mount housings. FPG-P series includes all common features of FPG series.

Pulse generators of FPG-P series have a rise time ranging from 100 ps to 1 nanosecond.

For customers demanding rise times of less than 100 ps FID GmbH offers pulse generators of FPG-SP series with ultra-short rise time of several picoseconds.

The following table of reference models of pulse generators will help you to estimate FID GmbH possibilities.

Series Output voltage Rise time Pulse width Max pulse repetition frequency Size (mm) Lead time (months)
FPG 2-P 2 kV 0,1-1 ns 0.2 - 3 ns 300 kHz 200x120x300 3
FPG 5-P 5 kV 0,1-1 ns 0.2 - 3 ns 200 kHz 200x120x300 3
FPG 10-P 10 kV 0,1-1 ns 0.2 - 3 ns 100 kHz 200x120x300 3
FPG 20-P 20 kV 0,1-1 ns 1 - 2 ns 10 kHz 200x120x300 4
FPG 50-P 50 kV 0,1-1 ns 1 - 2 ns 2 kHz 200x120x300 4
FPG 100-P 100 kV 0,1-1 ns 1 - 2 ns 1 kHz 400x400x160 4
FPG 200-P 200 kV 0,2-1 ns 1 - 2 ns 1 kHz 400x400x160 4

All specifications are given at 50 Ohm
Total efficiency can be 60-70% at the pulse width from 1 to 5 ns
Pulse duration is given at 50% of amplitude, other pulse widths are possible
Dimensions and lead time are approximate

Please also visit our Applications section, which describes pulse generators developed for specific fields of use.

Many types of bench top pulsers can be implemented as pulsed power modules.

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