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Products - FPM series - Pulse Power Modules Overview

Group of pulse power modulesPulse power modules of a FPM series are pulse generators placed inside a highly compact metal enclosure. They can be easily used in a broad range of applications that require high reliability, operation in extreme conditions and uncompromised performance. Modules can be used in OEM, industrial, automotive, radar and aerospace spheres.

.Power modules features are:

  • Highest level of scalability
  • Maximum output voltage of up to 50 kV
  • Rise time from 20 picoseconds to tens of nanoseconds
  • Pulse width from hundreds of picoseconds to tens of nanoseconds
  • External triggering (20-30 V, 100 ns)
  • Modules require external DC power supply with voltage from 24 V to several kilovolts, depending on the application
  • Short circuit and open circuit protection
  • Typical dimensions are from 50x25x25 mm to 250x125x60 mm
  • Optional external digital synchronization system (including PC-controlled)

In certain applications the output can be scaled by just adding new modules into an array. Highest level of timing stability allows synchronization of up to one hundred of modules with accuracy of 10-30 ps. FID GmbH has developed a special digital synchronization system which can control the triggering delays.

Pulse shape produced by pulsers of FPM series is completely customizable and includes all possible combinations of rise time, fall time and pulse width. Pulse duration can be specified at 50% or 90% of maximum amplitude which usually corresponds to bell or square shaped output pulses. Essentially, it is possible to specify pulse width at any levels when this is important.

In addition to general specifications of output pulses our customers can choose other parameters, such as prepulse amplitude, after-oscillations amplitude and duration, and other.

Maximum pulse repetition rate depends on many factors, which include pulse amplitude, average output power, type of cooling.

The following table of reference models of pulse generators will help you to estimate FID GmbH possibilities.

Series Output voltage Rise time Pulse width Max pulse repetition frequency Size (mm) Lead time (months)
FPM 1-N 1 kV 1-5 ns 2 - 5 ns 500 kHz 100x100x30 4
FPM 5-N 5 kV 1-5 ns 2 - 5 ns 300 kHz 200x120x60 4
FPM 10-N 10 kV 1-5 ns 2 - 5 ns 100 kHz 200x120x60 4
FPM 30-N 30 kV 1-5 ns 2 - 3 ns 10 kHz 200x120x60 4
FPM 50-N 50 kV 1-5 ns 2 - 3 ns 1 kHz 240x160x80 4
FPM 1-P 1 kV 0,1-1 ns 0.2 - 3 ns 500 kHz 100x100x30 4
FPM 5-P 5 kV 0,1-1 ns 0.2 - 3 ns 300 kHz 200x120x60 4
FPM 10-P 10 kV 0,1-1 ns 1 - 2 ns 100 kHz 200x120x60 4
FPM 30-P 30 kV 0,1-1 ns 1 - 2 ns 10 kHz 200x120x60 4
FPG 50-P 50 kV 0,1-1 ns 1 - 2 ns 1 kHz 240x160x80 4

All specifications are given at 50 Ohm
Total efficiency can be 60-70% at the pulse width from 1 to 5 ns
Pulse duration is given at 50% of amplitude, other pulse widths are possible
Dimensions and lead time are approximate

Please also visit our Applications section, which describes pulse generators developed for specific fields of use.

All types of modular pulsers can be implemented in benchtop or rackmounted housings.


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